How to preform a squat and it’s benefits

What you need to know about Squats

These are a simple, free yet beneficial compound exercise which is one of the most effective exercises for muscle growth.

How to do squats with proper form & technique

It is an easy motion when you think about it, you squat down and stand up.

And learning the basics of any activity is extremely important to performance, growth, and safety.

Just like any other compound lifts, these need to be performed correctly.

Follow these steps to perform a safe and effective squat.

Start by stand with feet shoulder-width apart

You need to keep your back straight, in a neutral position and keep your knees centred over your feet

Then take in a deep breath in a controlled motion, slowly bend your knees, hips, and ankles lowering until you are at least at a 90-degree angle.

Keep the weight on the front of your heel

Make sure your head and chest are up and extended out

On the way up breath out and keep your core engaged.

Keep your feet flat as you return to the starting position,

you want to imagine; you are pushing the entire floor away from you as you stand back up.

Depending on your goals repetitions and sets may vary. If you are looking for strength gains, you can train in the 3-5 rep range. Just get a good 2–3-minute rest in between sets.

For muscle gains and fitness, you can train in the 12-15 rep range.

Rest times can still be one and a half minutes, to two minutes

Squats help to burn calories, build muscles and strength, aids in balance, strengthens the core, tones the legs. Helps with circulation, aids with digestion, builds mental strength, building glutes, better for joints, helps to build and release hormones, burns calories and fat cells, great for body posture, and injury prevention.

There are of course different variations of squats including heal to butt, barbell, basic, surfer, jacks, goblet, single leg chair, sumo and more.


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By Aaron Christopher Slade 

A.C.S Nutritional Therapist and weight loss specialist. A registered nutritional therapist.

A.C.S Nutritional Therapist and weight loss specialist.
A registered nutritional therapist.