Nine surprising things all women should know!

Nine surprising things all woman should know.


1.   Commitment to exercise.

Exercise is extremely important for our health regardless of sex. It helps to maintain a healthy weight stopping obesity and obesity related illnesses. Having an exercise routine and keeping to it can make you look younger, increases your mood and memory, lowers blood pressure, lowers cardiovascular disease, and reduces cholesterol. Regular physical fitness improves the strength of your bones and your muscles along with making everyday tasks easier. So, make a commitment to keep fit as even tiny amounts of physical activity can have massive health improvements.

2.  Know how to diet.

Do not cut out your carbohydrates, if you want to lose weight and you have struggled in the past then the best thing to do is start by cutting out added sugars. This means sugars added to your tea’s, coffee, even hot chocolate. Then look at the other sugar that you have added to your diet. First let me point out that sugar is not needed in the human diet it contains no fibre, no protein, no healthy fats, no vitamins, or minerals just empty calories.

In addition look at cutting out any sweets, biscuits, cakes, buns, chocolates, sports, and energy drinks from your diet. Not only by cutting these out of your diet will you feel and look better you will also notice your weight coming down, make sure you are eating your five a day. And by all means taking our free weight management consultation and talk to a registered nutritional practitioner who can help and guild you on your health journey.

3.  Look into multivitamins

Most woman lead a fast-paced life and sometimes miss a meal or two. And some eat on the go. Digestion is as important for our health as the food we eat. In short, our digestive tract breaks down the food we eat from large insoluble molecules of food into water soluble food molecules. As this happens it can then be absorbed into our blood plasma when the nutrients are delivered to our cells.

When we skip a meal or eating on the go digestion is not happening at its peak, this means that vital nutrients may become lacking. So, if you a person who misses a meal or two or eats on the go, maybe you do not chew your food properly then I would highly recommend looking into a good multivitamin.

4.  Learn something new.

Learning an unfamiliar words (even in a different language) can help improve your cognitive ability. By using an old fashion dictionary, you can choose a word at random and learn the meaning of it. Learning unfamiliar words can give you a sense of accomplishment and pride. And although learning for most of us reminds us of school we as adults can make it fun. Learning new things help you to grow and develop and can even open up new and improve job opportunities.

5.  Learn to eat healthy

A healthy balanced diet will insure you age gracefully. There is not a one size fits all diet as we all need different nutrients depending on factors such as sex, age, height, fitness level, health, goals, stress levels, our jobs, environmental factors, and ethnicity all play apart. Eating healthy will not just give you glowing skin and keep you at the perfect weight it also reduces your risk of illness and diseases.

6.  Sleep hygiene

Everyone loves a good night sleep, but most are unable to do so. Good sleep hygiene can boost your mood and your memory. Getting good sleep also have other health benefits such as reducing the risk of heart disease, improves concentrations, boosts the immune system, improves productivity, and reduces the risks of having a strokes.

My five tips for better sleep

    I.         Hydrate

  II.         Exercise

III.         No screens one hour before bed

IV.         No coffee after 2pm

 V.         Set a wake up and bedtime routine

7.  Regular screening

This really should have been number one it is essential that woman get checked regularly as it can help to find potential health issues before they become a health risk. Cervical screening maybe the best way to help protect a woman from cervical cancer, this test is to help prevent cancer and not a test for cancer itself.

8.  Be available for you

Nothing wrong with self-love, taking a well-deserved weekend away, a walk in the woods, a shopping trip,  a face mask a massage, curl up in the sofa with a glass of wine and your favourite book. Whatever makes you feel less stress. Do whatever it takes to make you feel happy and to recharge your batteries.

9.  Always practice safer sex

Why risk it, if you are not trying to get pregnant then do not risk it and do not rely on the guy carrying condoms carry whatever you prefer to use just in case. And reduce your risk of getting a Sexually transmitted disease. The condom is the only form of contraception that helps to prevent pregnancy (although not the best form of protection) and protects against STD’s.

Understanding stress and physical activities is so important for overall health and wellness 

By Aaron Christopher Slade