Incredible health benefits of Salmon

Health benefits of Salmon

Health benefits of salmon

Both wild and farmed, are rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFA), particularly eicosapentaenoic acid.

EFAs inhibit the growth of matrixins, which are enzymes what are responsible for collagen breakdown in our skin.

Collagen is the connective tissue between the skin, tissues such its breakdown will lead to premature aging.

Salmon is also relatively high Vitamin B complex, along with Vitamin D, and protein.

This is vital in fighting free radical damage and promoting cellular turnover.


unlike some other fish may have relatively low mercury, PCBs, and dioxins concentrations,

However, it is not safe to eat every day for specific groups. This is because even low concentrations of these contaminants can pose a health risk for vulnerable individuals that includes:

  1. Pregnant and breastfeeding women
  2. Unborn babies and infants of nursing women
  3. Young children.

It is recommended to have no more than two portions of salmon a week being 3-4 ounces per portions

Health benefits of including a fatty fish such as salmon into your diet includes

1. Salmon contains Omega-3’s which helps provide Brain Health & Improve Memory, while it protects the Nervous System from the effects of aging.

2. Anti-Depressant.

3. Protects against Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s

4. Reduces Risk of Heart Attack, and aids

Heart Health by Lowering LDL Cholesterol & Triglycerides and

raising HDL (GOOD) Cholesterol.

5.Protects from blood clots, to lessen the risk of Stroke.

6.Repairs Heart Damage and Strengthens the Heart Muscles

7.Protects against Macular Degeneration.

8.Speeds up the Metabolism to aid Weight Loss.

9.Lowers Blood Sugar Levels,

10.Aids Shiny Hair, Healthy eyes, and skin

11, Prevents atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attack or stroke

12.Helps to control the inflammatory process in the gastrointestinal tract

13.Prevents arthritis

15.Prevents rectal, prostate, breast, blood, and lymph cancer

14.Prevents leukaemia, multiple myeloma, and lymphoma

15.Reduces the risk of depression and cognitive impairment

16.Regulates the balance of collagen and minerals in bones and surrounding tissues

Quench. The complete guild to hydration and vitalityHome fit

A.C.S Nutritional Therapist and weight loss specialist. A registered nutritional therapist.

A.C.S Nutritional Therapist and weight loss specialist.
A registered nutritional therapist.

By Aaron Christopher Slade