Is breakfast the most important meal?

Is breakfast important


Most of us would have heard the saying

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”

Is this true?

Lets dive into this and formulate our own opinions.

For me I always say it depends on the person as breakfast is a diet. It is a diet because anything that you consume is a diet. Depending on your lifestyle the breakfast should be part of a healthy diet. However, with the rise of the

Intermittent fasting trends, breakfast is becoming less popular.

As many of my readers will know, I do not and will not support any diet.

Let us take a look at the for and against arguments for eating breakfast.


Why can breakfast be important?

Breakfast can support you with your health and lifestyle goals.

Eating breakfast can make you more alert, give you more energy, improves concentration, improves memory, improves mood, increases metabolism, better weight control, prevents hunger and snacking, gives more nutrients and vitamins, can be part of the five a day, can help lower bad cholesterol, may aid in hydration, The biggest one for me is you get to add more diversity to your diet.

For adults eating breakfast, improves metabolism and enhanced learning ability, feel more alert, well giving a person better weight management control, there is something that eating breakfast can do for everyone

Enhance intelligence, better mood, better concentration and prevents snacking are good reasons for Children to eat breakfast as they will perform better in school as breakfast enhances cognitive abilities.

There is some importance of breakfast which helps with a healthy diet which should not be overlooked. But there are also some drawbacks to consuming breakfast.

Eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and the odd desserts is absolutely part of a healthy diet.

As always,

it is eating the right foods in the right portion sizes is critical to health.

But what are the drawbacks of eating breakfast, let us take a look

Eating breakfast can add around four hundred calories to your overall daily allowance. If a person is overweight or obese then there are no real weight loss benefits.

Some people do not have time,

Some people say they feel hungrier all day when they eat breakfast.

There is no intermittent fasting which has been proven to aid weight loss and enhance metabolism, fasting helps with Longevity, can help with Immunity and fasting can slow down the ageing process, it is also another cost.

Eating breakfast has shown in some studies to be very beneficial and that having any breakfast is better than no breakfast, but is this based on all needs and requirements? No is the answer as breakfast can be beneficial to though who do not have it, along with though who do.

Still, a protein-rich breakfasts can be better for digestive health and reduced appetite, adding Greek yogurt fruit and vegetables can also help with Longevity, can help strengthen your Immunity and can slow down the ageing process, it is also a cost that is beneficial.

So is having breakfast important. Considering the benefits of having and not having breakfast can work out to be the same in many fronts.

It really comes down to your personal choice. The only thing I would suggest to people who do not eat breakfast is to sit down with a nutritional therapist like myself and go over your weekly meals to ensure you are still getting all of your daily requirements.


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By Aaron Christopher Slade