Amazing health benefits of tomatoes

Health benefits of tomatoes 

Tomatoes are in fact a fruit which are high in many nutrients They are filling as a food, controls heart rate, can help prevent eye disease, packed full of vitamins and minerals, great for skin health as they give a natural glow and prevent signs of ageing, they are a great anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and can help prevent blood clots. Packed full of antioxidants, reduces cholesterol, helps to counter the effects of cigarette smoke, improves vision, helps to prevent urinary tract infections, helps to prevent gallstones, and helps to keep our gut healthy.

This beautiful fruit is a part of the nightshade family, they come in different varieties and shapes from a cherry tomato to beef tomatoes.

Fresh tomatoes

Tomatoes and all nightshade products contain a compound called solanine, this may aggravate which can with some people aggravate arthritic conditions and joint pain.

Tomatoes are however packed full of lycopene; this is the compound that gives the tomato its bright red colour. This compound also strengths our immune system by fighting molecules called free radicals. Consuming products containing lycopene can help reduce the chances of getting cancer to the stomach, lungs, mouth, and throat.

Tomatoes contain vitamins K, B, C, and many other nutrients, which makes this food one of the best nutritional additions to your diet.

There are many health benefits with tomatoes, and these vegetablegive health boots different organs and systems of the human body, such as the vital organs, skin, hair, and even the immune system

Protecting your skin cells by working as a sunscreen, the nutrients in tomatoes help nurture the growth of new skin cells.

Tomato juice benefits oral health.

When you regularly consume the juice of tomatoes or have them as part of your diet, you can be sure to keep oral issues like gum problems at bay. This is because tomatoes are known to fight the free radicals in your mouth, keeping it hygienic and bacteria-free.

Including tomatoes into our diets is actually very simple as they are very versatile, and great for many health benefits including weight loss

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By Aaron Christopher Slade