Remarkable benefits of dragon fruit

Health benefits of dragon fruit


This beautiful, colourful, tasty, and nutritious fruit has so many health benefits which includes:

  • 1) Heart healthy
  • 2) Loaded with fibre
  • 3) Antioxidant
  • 4) Great for fighting diabetes
  • 5) Reduces signs of ageing
  • 6) Suppresses arthritis
  • 7) Fantastic for reducing acne
  • 8) Great for smoothing sunburnt skin
  • 9) Helps prevents cancer
  • 10) Repair body cells
  • 11) Strengthens immunity
  • 12) Packed full of nutrients
  • 13) Promotes skin health
  • 14) Helps fight chronic diseases
  • 15) Packed full of B vitamins
  • 16) Plenty of Phyto albumins
  • 17) The seeds are packed with healthy fats
  • 18) Loaded with vitamin C and calcium
  • 19) Improves cardiovascular health
  • 20) Boosts digestive health
  • 21) Improves eyesight
  • 22) Anti fungal
  • 23) Increase metabolism
  • 24) Cholesterol free
  • 25) Fat free
  • 26) Contains magnesium
  • 27) Rich in protein
  • 28) High in water

There are many ways to utilising dragon fruit you can have it raw juice infused extracted you can eat it raw put it on salads.

The dragon fruit is composed of around 80% water and low in calories making it an idea fruit to aid with weight loss. This beautiful, delicious and nutritious fruit is also high in fibre and monounsaturated fats will aid in a healthy gastrointestinal health improved glucose metabolism a pd helps lower LDL known as bad or unhealthy cholesterol making this fruit a real powerhouse when it comes to our health.

Dragon fruits are full of essential nutrients

Dragon fruit

Essential nutrients are what helps us avoid, fight, and prevent diseases. They help us stay healthy and fit. They promote growth and development; they also help cells and organs do their jobs. For our body to work at the peak of its ability it is essential we give our body the nutrients it needs to help protect us through our diet.

The nutrients come from our diet because our bodies cannot make enough of these essential nutrients. Which is why its importance to eat a variety of healthy foods from all the foods groups.

Eating a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables will ensure you are maximising your nutritional requirements.

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By Aaron Christopher Slade

A.C.S Nutritional Therapist and weight loss specialist. A registered nutritional therapist.

A.C.S Nutritional Therapist and weight loss specialist.
A registered nutritional therapist.